Social Media Marketing for Dating App

Recently, Adclickr partnered with So Syncd, a dating app that uses personality compatibility to match potential partners. So Syncd wanted to increase their brand awareness and attract more users to their app. They turned to Adclickr for an effective influencer marketing strategy to achieve their marketing goals.

The influencers were chosen based on their values and interests, which aligned with So Syncd’s brand identity. AdClickr contacted the influencers, offering them compensation to create sponsored posts featuring the app’s unique selling points. The influencers were encouraged to use the app and highlight its features, such as the personality compatibility algorithm and the easy-to-use interface.

What we did?

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To maximize the impact of the campaign, AdClickr coordinated the timing of the sponsored posts to ensure they were posted at optimal times when the influencers’ followers were most active on Instagram. They also monitored the engagement on each post and adjusted the campaign strategy accordingly.

The campaign was a huge success, with the sponsored posts generating a significant amount of engagement and increasing brand awareness for So Syncd. Many of the influencers’ followers downloaded the app and began using it to find potential partners.

AdClickr was able to measure the success of the campaign through various metrics, including the number of downloads, the increase in brand mentions, and the engagement rate on social media. They provided So Syncd with a comprehensive report detailing the success of the campaign and the return on investment.